Change Mouse Scroll Wheel Direction In Windows

I’ve been using my PC more lately and one thing that Windows lacks is the ability to set the scroll behavior related to mouse wheels. I use “natural” scrolling on my Mac’s Magic Mouse (and always have since its introduction) so using my PC recently has been frustrating since my muscle memory is so well ingrained.

The mouse I use currently is a Razer Orochi V2 and the Razer Synapse software provides the ability to remap the up and down scroll direction but that seems really clunky for something as simple as “move mouse wheel up, scroll page down”.

The scroll direction can be set in the Windows registry and for those of us that have edited the registry manually before, it’s not that difficult of a challenge – it’s much more of a chore to have to find the correct registry keys. For those that haven’t or don’t want to edit their registry manually, I have a handy PowerShell script that automates the process.

Disclaimer: I am not the original author of this script but I did change verbiage and output to be more clear for the end user.

It’s a basic PowerShell script and the only caveat is that is requires admin privileges to execute (naturally, since it deals with editing the registry).

As I update Windows on my PC’s, I’ll add the versions that work to the README.md in the repo. Feel free to leave a comment with your version of Windows and if you run into any issues.

Update as of 12/22/2023: I found that the registry entries for some mice exist in a nested entry within the “Enum” key. My experience specifically has shown that Lenovo-branded mice do this. I am working on a fix but I’m not sure if other OEM’s do something similar. Drop a comment below if you know. Any information is helpful and appreciated!

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