adamgreenwell.com is the personal blog of Adam Greenwell. I am a web developer located in Kent, Ohio as well as a commissioned police officer. I’ve been a tech enthusiast ever since I saw a my dad working on his Compaq Portable nearly 40 years ago and love everything to do with computers. I started developing for web in the mid 90’s when <blink> tags were the new hotness and GeoCities was the place to be.

My current focus is on JavaScript and PHP as well as looking for ways to add AI to my personal and professional projects. My platform of choice is Mac but still use Windows regularly for testing and playing some occasional Civ VI or Call of Duty.

Outside of my professional life, I enjoy cycling, drumming and art. I’ve also gotten into 3D printing in the last few years which had been a borderline unhealthy obsession that I’ve throttled back in recent months but I still keep a printer hot for when the mood strikes.

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